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Mosquitos are very stubborn pests that can carry various blood-borne diseases. To protect yourself, you need to apply regular pest control in your area.

At Pro Pest Control Perth, we have over a decade of experience tackling mosquito problems head-on. Our mosquito treatments are designed to give you back your outdoor living space.

The best part? You’ll be protected in a safe and responsible way. Our products target mosquitoes but are gentle on good bugs, kids, pets – all the things you care about.

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Facts About Mosquitoes

  • Only female mosquitoes bite. Male mosquitoes feed only on flower and plant nectar.
  • They can detect carbon dioxide and lactic acid up to 100 feet away.
  • There are over 3,000 different species of mosquitoes throughout the world. About 200 species are found in the U.S. and roughly 100 species in Australia.
  • Mosquito wings beat around 500 times per second or 30,000 times per minute.
  • They spend their first 10 days alive in water. Most species go through four distinct life stages – egg, larva, pupa, adult.
  • Mosquito bites can trigger a histamine reaction in the skin causing itchy welts and swelling. They can also transmit dangerous diseases like malaria, West Nile virus and Ross River fever.
  • They prefer biting people with Type O blood and seem to dislike Type A the most. This may be because of antigens and bacteria on the skin surface.

How We Treat Mosquitoes

Our effective mosquito control process:

  1. Inspection: Our licensed technicians will thoroughly inspect your full property to identify problem areas, locate breeding grounds, and determine the most effective treatment plan. We check key spots like stagnant water sources, moist areas, vegetation, and places female mosquitoes may lay eggs.
  2. Drain Standing Water: We eliminate standing water harboring mosquito larvae around the home. This limits the overall population able to reach biting maturity.
  3. Apply Larvicides: In spots standing water cannot be fully drained, we use biological larvicides containing BTI – lethal to mosquito larvae but safe for people and pets. This prevents larvae from maturing into disease vector adult mosquitoes.
  4. Residual Barrier Sprays: We spray insecticides like permethrin along the perimeter of the home, under porches & decks, and other mosquito hiding zones. The residuals repel and kill adult mosquitoes on contact for 2-3 months helping protect against Ross River, malaria & other mosquito-borne health risks.
  5. Knockdown Treatments: Where active mosquito infestations have already populated the area posing immediate nuisance & allergy / bite risk.
  6. Follow Up & Prevention Plan: We provide optional follow up treatments, monitoring and annual preventative services to stop future infestations as seasons change and keep outdoor living spaces mosquito-free year after year.

Our treatments target both adult mosquitoes and larvae using approved insecticides, physical controls and habitat modification to stop mosquitoes in their tracks.

Why Mosquitoes Are Considered Pests

Mosquitoes are pests because they feed off blood and are also vectors for disease. Think about mosquitoes like infected needles: if they prick someone infected before you and then move onto you, there is a chance they might carry a virus your way. They may even pass viruses from animals to humans.

They may carry diseases such as malaria, Zika, yellow fever, dengue fever, filariasis, and many more – some of which can be very dangerous.

Common Mosquitoes in Perth

There are about 3500 species of mosquitoes in the world, and more than 300 can be found in Perth, Western Australia. Some of the most common species include:

  • Aedes Camptorhynchus – Mostly winter and spring dwellers, sometimes early summer too. They are vicious and bite all the time.
  • Aedes Notoscriptus – They are active all year round, especially in warm months. They fly and bite mostly at dusk or in shade.
  • Aedes Vigilax – They’re active during the warm months and fly both day and night.
  • Anopheles Annulipes S.L. – Activity peaks during summertime and they mostly fly during the night, but they can also fly during the day.
  • Culex Annulirostris – Active mostly in the wet season and prefer staying near freshwater sites. They bite during the dark.
  • Culex quinquefasciatus – They fly around street drains, are active all year round, and go for meals during the night.

Signs of Infestations

Mosquito infestations are common all over the world, and they usually peak during the warm season. However, if you have standing water on your property and live in a humid area, there is a good chance they might breed and cause an infestation. Usually, if you keep seeing mosquitos around the house, there is a chance you might be dealing with an infestation

Know You Have a Mosquito Problem

If you have a mosquito infestation, you are likely to see the following signs:

  • Continuous high bussing sounds
  • Frequent bite marks on the skin
  • You are constantly scratching at night
  • You see them hovering over the food
  • You see mosquitos during the daytime as well

Tips and Advice to Keep Them Away

Mosquitos can be kept away with a few basic tricks. Here is what you’ll want to do:

  1. Remove Stagnant Water: Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water, such as water from ponds, kiddie pools, and buckets. Reduce their breeding spots to make them less encouraged to stay.
  2. Plant the Right Natural Repellents: Mosquitos hate strong scents, such as the one released by Citronella. The smell is stronger when the plant is harmed, so ruffle the plant now and again.
  3. Cover Your Feet: Mosquitos love bacteria and sweat, which means your toes will be the first spot they’ll attack. Keep your socks on and try keeping your feet covered.
  4. Wear Light Colours: Mosquitos are attracted to dark colours, so they are more likely to attack if you are wearing a black shirt than a white one.
  5. Have Your Meals Indoors: Most mosquitos bite during the night, but some Zika-carrying mosquitos will also bite during the day. Ideally, have your meals indoors.
  6. Spray Cedar Oil: Mosquitos hate the strong scent of cedar oil, so you might want to create a mix of cedar oil and water. Spray it regularly in your yard to deter mosquitos.
  7. Wear Mosquito Repellent: Some mosquitoes are resilient and can even bite their way through clothes. To shield yourself, you might want to spray yourself with insect repellent from the drugstore.
  8. Keep The Yard Trimmed: Mosquitos like cool, moist shades. To prevent an infestation, you might want to keep the yard trimmed.
  9. Get a Fan: Mosquitos cannot control their landing if a fan blows them away. If you live in a mosquito-rich area, consider installing a fan in your yard.
  10. Use Insect Screens: Insect screens will allow for fresh air to pass but will prevent the mosquitos from coming in. Consider having them installed on your doors and windows.


How Long Should I Stay Inside After Applying Mosquito Treatment?

Ideally, you should stay inside for around 20-30 minutes after the treatment has been applied. This will allow the barrier to dry completely.

How Much Does Mosquito Control Cost?

Depending on the size of your house and yard, a mosquito barrier can cost between $350 and $500 per quarter.

Does Mosquito Control Last Though Rainy Seasons?

Yes, the rain will not wash away the mosquito control, as long as it was given the right time to set. It’s recommended to apply the barrier on a day without rain.

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