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Rat and Mice Treatments

Rats are unhygienic and often very difficult to get rid of.

Once they realize your home is a good food supply, they will try their best to stay.

To prevent a rodent infestation, you might want to hire professional pest controllers to apply the correct rodent treatment.

At Pro Pest Control Perth, we are fully licensed and insured to help you get rid of rats and mice. Our rodent control services are guaranteed to eliminate your pest problem.

What really sets us apart is our 100% customer satisfaction warranty. We come back to check traps and monitor for signs of continued activity until you’re completely satisfied pests are gone. We stand behind our work. We also use eco-friendly methods so you can feel good about having a rodent-free home.

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How We Treat Rodents

Our usual rodent treatments include:

  1. Thorough Inspection – We inspect your Perth property, inside and out, looking for signs of activity like droppings, rub marks on walls, and holes. We check external walls, cavity walls, roof voids, garden sheds – anywhere rodents can access and nest.
  2. Identification & Profiling – Based on evidence and experience, we identify what type of rodent infestation you have – whether it’s rats, mice or otherwise. We also profile how long activity has occurred and entry points.
  3. Custom Removal Plan – With our knowledge of rat and mouse behavior patterns, we develop a removal plan tailored to your home. Family and pet-safe options may include baiting and trapping. For severe infestations, we may use targeted fumigation.
  4. Exclusion Services – We seal up any entries in your property’s infrastructure rodents can use. This could mean filling holes, installing mesh screens, door sweeps and more. This removal and exclusion approach gives the best guarantee against future invasions once pests are evicted.
  5. Follow-Up & Monitoring – We don’t stop after the initial treatment. Through regular monitoring and maintenance, we ensure your Perth home stays rodent-free long-term, so you can live pest-free and enjoy full peace of mind.

Reach our to us for the most effective and affordable rodent control solution in Perth!

Why Rodents Are Considered a Pest

Rodents such as rats and mice are considered pests because they leave destruction in their wake. They chew holes through wiring, walls, pantries, and overall ruin your food supplies by leaving excrements on them.

Moreover, they are a hazard to public health, as they carry more than 35 diseases. This includes the Hantavirus, Salmonella, LCMV, and more. The disastrous Black Plague was also believed to have been spread by rats.

Common Rodent Species in Perth

The most common rodents in Perth that people should look out for are the following:

  • House Mouse
  • Brown Rat
  • Roof Rat

Perth has multiple rodent species, but not all of them are house pests.

Signs of a Rodent Problem

Rodents are very messy pests overall, and they are not exactly quiet either. Their signs are:

  • Scratching, scuttling, and gnawing in the walls
  • Rodent droppings
  • Stains on the roof plater
  • Brown rub marks, typically on walls
  • Unpleasant smell coming from the walls
  • Chewed electrical wires or other materials
  • Gnaw marks or holes in the food packaging

Do any of these common signs sound familiar? Don’t let rodents invade your home in Perth any longer!

Tips and Advice

Rodents can be prevented from entering your home with just a few steps. Here’s what you should do.

  1. Keep Food Sources under a Lid: If you have grains, pet food, or other items in storage, make sure to keep them sealed under a lid. This will prevent rodents from coming for your pantry.
  2. Keep Things Clean Underneath Trees: Rodents can also be attracted by fallen fruits underneath trees. Make sure to remove dropped fruit to prevent them from gathering.
  3. Get a Cat: Cats are natural enemies of rodents. They don’t even need to be good hunters. Their scent will usually be enough to prevent the mice from coming near your home.
  4. Trim the Shrubs and Bushes: Rodents use the shade of bushes and shrubs to get into your home. To prevent them from entering, you might want to keep the shrubs in your yard nicely trimmed.
  5. Plant Mint: Rodents naturally hate the scent of mint. To keep the rodents outside your yard, you may want to plant some mint in your flower garden. If you have mints in the attic, rub some peppermint essential oil on the beams.
  6. Place Mouse Traps: There are all kinds of mouse traps that you may use, from the classic snap mouse trap to catch traps that only capture the mouse. The second is a PETA-friendly one that lets to release the mice back in the wild.
  7. Remove Entry Points: Rodents might have entry points that they use to get into your home. Find out where they are and seal them.
  8. Keep the Home Clutter-Free: Rodents love cluttered areas, as they offer them plenty of opportunities to hide. Keep the house clean to make your home less attractive to rats and mice.
  9. Seal the Trash Can: Like almost every pest, rodents love raiding trash cans. Put a lid on your trash can so that the mice cannot get inside.

When everything else fails, you should employ pest control. They will know what pest control substances to use in order to keep the rodents away.


How Much Does Rodent Control Cost in Perth?

Rodent control in Perth usually costs between $172 and $520. This often depends on the type of rodent, the size of the house, and the severity of the infestation.

Will My Pets Be Affected by Rodent Control?

On the most part, rodent control treatments will not harm your pet. However, some do have certain chemicals that can lead to stomach discomfort when ingested. To make sure your pet is not affected, discuss the correct pest control treatments with our professional pest controllers.

How Long Should I and My Pets Stay Away After Pest Control?

Usually, there is no need to leave the premises, as long as you can keep your pet in a separate room/area until the pesticide dries. This means around 30 minutes for outdoor treatments and 2-3 hours for indoor treatments.

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