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As seasoned pest controllers, we know termites pose a serious threat to Australian homes. But with advanced products like Termidor, termite control is now highly effective when applied properly.

At Pro Pest Control Perth, our licensed technicians are fully certified Termidor applicators. We understand the active ingredient and application techniques that offer long-lasting termite elimination on your property.

Termidor is a product used when removing or controlling a termite infestation. It’s effective against a variety of termite species, including subterranean termites, which are very common in Western Australia.

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Customized Termidor Barrier Treatments

After a thorough inspection identifies vulnerable areas around your home’s foundation and external perimeter, we create a customized barrier treatment. Our Termidor application reaches spots individual termites can access before their tunnels expand causing irreversible structural damage.

We target the entire perimeter including slabs, posts, pipes and more. The transferable Termidor residue even carries back to the nests when workers pass through, destroying entire colonies. No more termite activity!

How Termidor Works

Termidor works by killing the termites rather than simply deterring them like many other termiticides. The main ingredient in Termidor is Fipronil, a growth inhibitor that will prevent the termites from moulting and reaching maturity. Within a short time of ingesting the substance, the termites will die.

Termidor is odour-free even for termites. Therefore, even if they do ingest the termiticide, they will not notice they have done so. They will carry the chemical to the termite colony, transferring it to other termites as well. Each termite that comes into contact with Termidor will eventually die – including the queen.

Termidor Application

Termidor must be applied only by professional Pest Control Operators. Even with the low toxicity of Termidor, a certain technique will also be required for application. If Termidor is not applied by an Accredited Termidor Applicator, then it might affect your warranty.

Our pest control technicians at Pro Pest Control Perth are all accredited Termidor applicators, so we know the right technique to use.

Options for Using Termidor

Termidor can be used in various ways. Since Termidor is found in a liquid form, it may be used as a live spraying termite treatment, applied directly on the termites. For long-term protection, Termidor may be used in a termite barrier or a termite reticulation system. This will keep the termites out in the long run.

Termidor Warranty

Termidor is well-known for its $2 million warranty, offered to the homeowners of Australia. As the name suggests, it covers potential termite damage to your home structure of up to $2 million.

For the termite warranty to take effect, homeowners must respect their yearly termite inspections. The application also needs to be done by an accredited Termidor Application. We can help you with this at Pro Pest Control Perth.

Termidor Safety

Termidor is odourless and water-based, making its toxicity very low to adults, children, or pets in comparison to other termiticides. Moreover, considering the active substance in Termidor is also frequently used in pet products to keep ticks and fleas away, you may safely bring your pet in once Termidor has dried.

In case you have high sensitivity to chemicals or are prone to allergies, you may want to leave the home for 1-2 hours until Termidor dries, and the surrounded area is ventilated.


What makes Termidor different than other termiticides?

Termidor utilizes advanced non-repellent technology. Termites don’t detect or avoid it allowing better population control.

How should Termidor be applied?

Our licensed technicians follow all product label instructions for safe and effective Termidor application as a liquid treatment.

What areas will you treat with Termidor?

After inspecting your home, we custom treat vulnerabilities like foundations, slabs, posts, and more to create a protective barrier.

How does Termidor get rid of entire colonies?

Its transferable ingredient carries back to nests so workers unknowingly impact larvae and queens over time.

Why should I choose Pro Pest Control Perth?

With 10+ years of termite control expertise, our certified Termidor applicators get proven results without harming your home.

How much does Termidor termite treatment cost?

Pricing varies based on your home’s size and level of infestation. Call us today for a free quote!

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