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Termite Baits By Sentricon, Exterra and Trelona

Baiting Termite

Termite baiting systems are very efficient at monitoring termite activity and stopping them from reaching your home or commercial establishment. At Pro Pest Control Perth, we can offer you our services to ensure termites stay away from your home in the long run.

Brands Recommended

Whenever you need a termite baiting system, you must have it installed by a certified specialist. At Pro Pest Control Perth, we are certified to install the following:

  1. Sentricon

Sentricon is highly efficient when dealing with subterranean termites. These baits have Noviflumuron as their active ingredient – a growth inhibitor that will prevent the termites from moulting once ingested.

The bait used by Sentricon is more attractive to the termites, which is why they will prefer stopping at the bait rather than continuing to advance towards your home. Featuring an AlwaysActive technology, these baits will keep the termites away in the long run.

  1. Trelona

Trelona monitors termite activity in your home and kills a colony once activity has been confirmed. The active ingredient in Trelona is Novaluron, a growth inhibitor that is carried from one termite to another until it reaches the queen.

Similar to Sentricon, Trelona prevents termites from moulting, killing off the colony. Trelona baiting systems last for two months, and our experts at Pro Pest Control Perth can always offer you maintenance.

Trelona Advanced Termite Baiting System-Easy to install, check and refill in concrete and in-ground stations. They contain a highly potent active ingredient.

  1. Exterra

Exterra advertises its termite baiting systems as environmentally friendly, using a growth inhibitor that is toxic for termites but non-toxic for humans and pets. Exterra has its own patented technology, namely the FOCUS Termite Attractant™, which will attract the termites to the bait. Once termite activity is confirmed, the bait is changed with REQUIEM®, which contains the growth inhibitor.

How Do Termite Baiting Systems Work?

Baiting systems have two purposes: to monitor or exterminate a termite colony. They are very often installed after termite infestation has been treated, removing existent termites from the home. They may also be installed after a termite inspection revealed a termite-free home. In this case, the bait makes sure that termites stay away.

Below you may find the two stages of a termite bating system:

  1. Monitoring

During this stage, the system will use a non-toxic cellulose material to bait the termites. These baits are typically around 10 times more attractive to termites compared to regular wood. Therefore, instead of advancing towards your home, the pests will be side-tracked by the bait and feed from there. Knowing there is a tasty source of food there, the termites will keep returning for more, feeding on the source once again.

  1. Exterminating

Once the monitoring stage reveals that the termites have fed from the bait, the non-toxic cellulose cartridge will be replaced by a similar cartridge that was laced with termiticide.

This termiticide is very often untraceable by termites, and they will not even realize they have eaten it. As they return to feed or bring it to the entire colony, they will carry and transfer the toxin to other termites as well. As these baits are laced with growth inhibitors, the termites will not be able to moult, and they will die shortly.

The positioning of the termite baiting system is highly important as well. It needs to be far enough from your home that the termites won’t be tempted to proceed, but close enough to intercept the termite.

If they do not find your bait due to its positioning, they will likely continue onto their path – which is your home. Our pest control technicians at Pro Pest Control Perth know exactly where to position a termite baiting system so that it intercepts the termites coming towards your home.

Advantages of Baiting Termites

The key benefits of utilizing our professional termite baiting services include:

  • Eliminates Entire Colonies
  • Prevents Termite Damage
  • Customized Monitoring
  • Early Detection
  • Non-Toxic Approach
  • Effective Long-Term Protection
  • Peace of Mind

Baiting requires expert installation and monitoring to work effectively. Minor risks include stations being disturbed before the colony is fully eliminated.

Services We Provide

  • Termite protection
  • Termite Treatment
  • Termite baiting stations
  • Timber pest inspections
  • Regular termite inspections
  • Annual termite inspections


Can You Refill a Termite Baiting System on Your Own?

As long as you have knowledge on it, you may easily refill such a system on your own. However, at Pro Pest Control Perth, we strongly recommend against it. Refilling a termite baiting system may have you handling toxic termiticides, which can be dangerous for someone without proper protective gear. We can help you refill the systems, so that you may get rid of termites as safely as possible.

How Much Does It Cost to Install?

In Perth, it costs between $2500 and $3500 to have a termite baiting system installed. The final price often depends on the size of your property, as well as the brand that was used.

Are There Any Ongoing Fees for a Termite Baiting System?

Once installed, termite baiting systems will have to be checked at least once a year for activity. The monitoring and maintenance fees will cost around $800 and $900. At Pro Pest Control Perth, we will offer you the most attractive rates.

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