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Dealing with those pesky termites that can cause major termite damage?

At Pro Pest Control Perth, we offer an effective solution – professional termite barrier treatments to prevent further structural damage.

Our qualified pest controllers assess your property and customize a physical termite barrier treatment using Termidor and other leading termiticides to create a protective external perimeter around your home. This provides long-term peace of mind against termite attacks.

Termidor contains the powerful active ingredient Fipronil, which eradicates not just active termites but entire colonies. Our expert Termidor Applicators leverage its non-repellent mode of action so toxicity to humans is low. Yet it delivers up to 10 years of protection period against these destructive pests.

We also offer annual inspections to check for presence of termites, as part of our Termite Management program. This includes treatment of high-risk areas with liquid termite barriers injected into walls, foundations and other entry points.

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Don’t leave termite control to chance. Our $2 million insurance policies guarantee our chemical treatments.

What are Termite Barriers?

Termite barriers create a protective perimeter around your home using physical barriers or chemical termite treatments. This safeguards against termite attack from destructive pests like Coptotermes, Mastotermes and Schedorhinotermes termites which plague Australian properties.


With over $1 billion in annual termite damage, barriers are essential for every homeowner seeking effective solutions. They prevent costly structural damage from unchecked termite future infestations. Investing in termite barriers also provides peace of mind against these pervasive pests.

Types of Termite Barriers

1. Physical Termite Barriers

Physical barriers like granite aggregates and Termimesh barriers utilize durable materials laid around the external perimeter of your foundation. This impedes termites from gaining entries into your property.


  • Powerful termite-proofing properties
  • Long-lasting and effective solution
  • No recurring chemical treatments

2. Chemical Termite Barriers

Expert pest controllers apply termiticides as liquid barriers injected into walls or soil. Key treatments include:

  • Repellent Termiticides: Create a protective perimeter lethal to foraging worker termites.
  • Non-Repellent Termiticides: Eliminate termite colonies with no detectable signs. They work to eradicate future termite threats.

Chemical Barrier Safety

Utilising professional pest controllers ensures safe and responsible termiticide use. Certified operators undergo rigorous TAFE training meeting strict government regulations around correct chemical barrier treatments. Only approved termiticides like Biflex and leading Termidor formulations featuring fipronil as the powerful non-repellent active ingredient can be administered.

Environmental risks are further mitigated adhering to precise product guidelines to minimise toxicity levels and exposure.


  • Effective protection for 10+ years from all termite threats – both subterranean around foundations as well as drywood infestations within wall frames.
  • Flexible delivery methods allowing both soil drenching and foaming within concealed wall voids to exterminate existing colonies.
  • Destroys termite network trails hampering their ability to colonise structures. this provides more thorough home fortification.

Which Termite Barrier is Better?

The optimum barrier method depends on your home’s construction, budget and protection timeline. While physical barriers avoid recurring chemical costs, termite-proof mesh and concrete interfaces can be expensive. Termite damage repair bills also run into the thousands highlighting need for urgent solutions. This is where inexpensive liquid chemical treatments prove more practical securing homes against attack both short and longer term.

Ultimately combining physical and chemical barriers provides the most comprehensive termite defences keeping both underground and in-wall channels guarded.

Termite Barrier Cost Considerations:

  • Property construction stage (pre vs post)
  • House size dictating perimeter scale
  • Combination termite solutions (physical & chemical)
  • Access issues demanding excavation works

Timber Secure Termite Insurance Policy

This specialised insurance product provides vital coverage for termite rectification costs across residential properties. Featuring a $200,000 pay out on timber replacement, it delivers peace of mind for undetected termite damage. notably to concealed wall frames and roof void areas. Premium discounts also apply for homes with certified termite barriers installed.

Termite Facts in Australia

  • Not just old homes are infested by termites. On average, 1 out of 5 homes goes through a termite infestation within the first five years of being built.
  • Termite queens are capable of laying one egg every three seconds, and they never sleep. This means that they can lay more than 10,000,000 eggs every year.
  • Termites are very fast, with some species being able to travel at 157 miles per hour. This means that if they want to reach into your home, they will be able to do it very fast.
  • A termite queen lives on average for 20 years, but given the right conditions, their lifespan might extend to as long as 50. If the termite queen is alive, the termite colony will also live.
  • Termite activity easily outnumbers people. If you were to use a scale, for every person on the planet, there are about 1,000 pounds of termites.
  • Termites consume $8.7 billion worth of buildings and infrastructure annually across Australia.
  • Recent findings reveal some termite nests in tropical Northern Territory spanning decades and covering areas larger than a football field.

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What can I expect during the initial termite inspection process?

Your licensed pest control technician will thoroughly examine both interior and exterior areas of the premises, looking for signs of termite activity. This also involves tapping walls to identify hollow sections, opening access areas and using moisture meters to detect unseen termite entry points requiring treatment.

What ongoing role does the pest control technician play post-installation?

Your pest control technician will schedule annual re-inspections as part of your termite barrier warranty protections. This comprehensive process checks both physical and chemical barriers for any breaches needing repair within the 5 year coverage period.

How quickly can termite bait help assess infestation levels?

Above ground bait stations are regularly monitored by your pest control technician once in place around the property perimeter. Any discoveries of termite activity feasting on the non-repellent bait allows quicker treatment application to eradicate the nest and colony before major structural impacts.

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