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Have you noticed signs of termite activity like mud tunnels or holes in your foundation slab? If so, you may be dealing with a termite attack or infestation and need to take action quickly to prevent further structural damage.

At Pro Pest Control Perth, we have over 10 years of experience assessing termite infestations and designing effective solutions tailored to each property. We know how stressful it can be to discover termites invading your home, but our team is here to help every step of the way.

About The Service

Our systems strategically place bait stations around your home to target the entire colony. We use high-quality termite baits that they find irresistible to eliminate the queen, workers, and soldiers. This approach is far more effective than simple barrier treatments or spraying scattered intruders.

We proudly stand behind our termite work with warranties and satisfaction guarantees. You can fill out our online quote form to get a customized quote for your specific situation and property needs. Whether it’s a preventative treatment or full-blown infestation, we’ve got multiple quote types to handle any termite job.

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What Is a Termite Reticulation System?

This features a series of pipes that have termiticide in them. These pipes reach around 10 metres per maximum length and have holes in them placed every 200 millimetres. This will allow the termiticide to slip through the holes and into the ground, giving your house ongoing termite protection.

Types of chemicals

Termite reticulation systems may be filled with two types of chemicals:

  1. Termite repellents: The first will be noticeable by termites, enough to make them leave once they catch the scent of the chemical. This will lower the chances of them coming anywhere near your home.
  2. Non-repellents Termidor: Once dried, these chemicals are not noticeable by termites but are deadly for them. Non-repellent termite treatments are very often termite growth inhibitors that will transfer from termite to termite, preventing them from moulting. Rather than using the termite reticulation system to drive them away, you will be using it to kill the colony altogether.

Installing a Reticulation System for Termite

1: Inspection and Planning

We thoroughly inspect for signs of subterranean termites around the home’s external perimeter, underground pipes, concrete foundation slab and other vulnerable areas. This allows us to strategically plan bait placement to intercept termites and protect against potential structural damage.

2: System Installation

Exterior bait stations are installed around the foundation and critical access points every 3-5 feet. We also leverage additional physical and chemical termite barriers for robust protection. Installation is designed for minimal disruption.

3: Integration and Monitoring

All bait points are connected into one unified termite baiting system designed to eliminate colonies. We establish rigorous monitoring for bait consumption and termite activity, allowing their feeding process to continue without disruption.

4: Colony Elimination

As termite colonies consume and distribute baits across their network, the bait eventually eliminates subterranean termites including queens and nests – providing long-lasting protection.

5: Follow Up Protection and Maintenance

We provide ongoing inspections and bait station maintenance for peace of mind knowing your home remains termite-free. Any vulnerabilities like cracks or leaks are also addressed to prevent new intrusions.

Refilling a Termite Reticulation System

Like any other termite barrier, termite reticulation systems will need regular maintenance. Depending on the chemical that was used, you will have to refill it once every 3 to 8 years. Each termite treatment will have its own validity, so you need to be aware of it, just so you know when to call the pest control technicians.

At Pro Pest Control Perth, we use Termidor for our termite barriers – including the termite reticulation systems. This is because Termidor has a long-lasting action of 8 years and can offer the protection that your home needs.

While there are multiple guides nowadays on how to refill a termite reticulation system on your own, we recommend that you call a professional for the task instead. They will check the condition of the system, and then apply the chemical correctly.


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What is a termite reticulation system?

A termite reticulation system is a network of bait stations installed around a home’s concrete foundation slab and other vulnerable areas. The stations provide ongoing chemical treatments and physical barriers for complete protection against termites.

How does the system work?

It works by providing a more attractive food source via termite baiting stations rather than having the termites attack your home’s physical structure. Once feeding at the stations, the termites unknowingly distribute bait to eliminate all colony members.

Why choose baiting over liquid treatments?

Baiting is more effective at eliminating entire termite colonies, including queens and nests. The direct feeding transfers treatments back to hidden nesting areas under slabs. The continuous baiting also provides ongoing protection vs one-time liquid treatments wearing off.

Should I combine barriers with baiting?

We recommend integrating physical termite barriers like granite guard meshes with the chemical baiting stations. This multilayered approach provides the most comprehensive protection from termites entering below-ground and around your home’s foundation.

How long does termite baiting protection last?

Once a termite colony consumes baits and is fully eliminated, the protection can last for years. We inspect and refresh stations annually to prevent any new termite colonies from developing that may attack unchecked.

Termite Reticulation System

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