Customer Testimonials

We are always happy to hear about the experiences of our clients! Here are some testimonials that were left about our services.


Pro Pest Control Perth was very quick to arrange a termite inspection for me when I was buying my new home. They were very thorough in their inspection and their report.

Charles Thompson – Quick Working!

I have them regularly come to my café so that they apply pest control. Very efficient, I’ve never seen any pests around. Thank you for your help!

John Sadler – Highly Efficient Services

The services they provided were top-notch, they did a very thorough pest inspection, and the report was just as detailed. They also offered us advice on how to proceed with the next steps.

Ryan Truman – Professionalism and Dedication

The Pro Pest Control Perth staff was very easy to deal with, very polite, and knowledgeable! The prices were also very convenient as compared to other local companies.

Hudson Stewart – Competitive Prices!

I called them to refill my termite reticulation system. Even though the system was old, they knew how to efficiently handle the matter. Thank you!

Mariam Hayden – Quick and Professional

I had a severe cockroach infestation in my house, and whenever I walked in the house at night, I would see them crawling around. The sightings increased so much that I called in these guys. A couple of days later since their visit and I haven’t seen a cockroach since!

Cooper Barnes – Pests Are Gone!

Very polite, and the prices are very good. They dealt with my pest problem in record time.

Savannah Rosman – Highly Recommended

The pest control technician arrived at 9 a.m. sharp, just as they promised. They installed a termite baiting system for us and gave us further advice on how to keep the home termite-free. Great guys, thank you!

Toby Sinclair – On Time and Efficient

I’ve been seeing more and more ants recently, and I called the guys from Pro Pest Control Perth to see where the problem was. Turns out, I had a colony underneath my home. Thank you for helping me with this problem!

Anna Johnson – Solved My Ant Problem!

The services were great, the people they sent were very knowledgeable and polite, and they also had highly responsive customer support. I will definitely go for their services again, should I need them.

Gabrielle McCleagan – Polite and Knowledgeable

I can’t recommend them enough! I had termites in my home, and they came with their treatment to put a stop to the infestation. They applied Termidor, and they will be coming again soon to install a termite barrier. Highly satisfied with their services.

David Lancaster – Saved My Home from Termites

I have been calling Pro Pest Control Perth for regular pest inspections every year since I opened my restaurant. They were very thorough with their inspections, and they also installed preventive measures. Highly recommended!

Alex Grant – Reliable Pest Control Services!

The pest controller sent by Pro Pest Control Perth was highly knowledgeable and polite. Five stars and thank you!

George Perry – Highly Professional