Top 10 Common Household Pests

Identifying the Common Home Intruders

It’s an undeniable fact that pests are not only a nuisance, but can also cause hefty damage to our homes and health.

In this article, we will take you through the top ten common pests that any home could face, pointing out their unique problematic features and the necessary actions you can take towards eradicating them for good.

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Crunchy Crawlers

Cockroaches are brown bugs that scuttle across kitchen floors when you least expect it making anyone jump in surprise. They are the most common type of pest. But there is a solution. Regular cleaning and sealing off cracks helps. For serious cockroach infestations though, bringing in a pest control professional might be your best bet.

Eight-Legged Pranksters

Spiders are creepy crawlers making webs at every corner of your house. Fortunately, most spider species except for redback spiders, black spot spiders, and white-tailed spiders aren’t harmful. However, if they’re keeping too many flies around for dinner or just making too many cobwebs for comfort. Try using natural deterrents like peppermint oil spray around the house. You can also call in the experts to do routine spider-proofing of your home and prevent spider infestations from coming back.

Picnic Planners

Microscopic entry points? Impermeable packaging? Nothing seems to stop their invasion party. True enough ants are persistent. An option would be ant traps which may work initially. But often fail as more start streaming in from another direction forcing homeowners to deal with endless trails of ants. Engaging professional help could effectively exterminate the relentless ant colonies once and for all.

Tiny Jumping Jokers

Got pets? Then unfortunately cat fleas and dog fleas might follow suit if you’re not careful enough. This is because these house pests love settling into furry family members. While occasional flea treatments on pets can circumvent this issue preventing re-infestation is key which. This is why calling professionals to do can save one much trouble in the future.

Buzzing Bosses

Summertime snacks, drinks, and unwanted flying guests. While bees and wasps like European wasps play essential roles in our ecosystem, having a wasp nest close to your living area can be hazardous. One possible home solution could be removing access to food sources like food spills or sweetened drinks left outside. If that fails, however, remember it’s risky to remove their nests on your own. So calling in the pest control pros might set you up for a sting-free environment.

Aerial Acrobatics

Who hasn’t been annoyed by the persistent buzzing of flies around the house? These unwelcomed visitors are not just bothersome, but also they’re a health hazard. Luckily, simple solutions such as installing fly screens on windows or using electronic fly swatters can help reduce their numbers. However, to effectively break their breeding cycle, consider seeking professional assistance.

Cheesy Chompers

Finding unexplained painful bites on food packages or figuring out what that rustling sound in your walls isn’t fun. Rodents present significant problems, especially due to the diseases they spread and structural damages as they eat on electrical wirings. While trapping seems like an easy solution, given their swift breeding and adaptability it’s often a temporary fix at best. If you detect any signs of infestation of these annoying pests, it is crucial to bring in pest control professionals immediately.

Whiny Bloodsuckers

Nothing tarnishes a beautiful sundown moment on your patio more than the constant swatting at these mosquitoes. Worse even is waking up with those uber-itchy bites as they feed on human blood. A simple approach to preventing this common house insect might be removing any standing water and burning citronella candles. For full-scale mozzie invasions though, fogging services from pest control companies offer an effective way to manage mosquitoes.

Mattress Munchkins

Bed bugs are perhaps one of the most dreaded invaders. They can quickly turn those sweet dreams into a nightmare. Ever woken up with inexplicable red bites? Wash bedding and mattress seams regularly at high temperatures to kill them off naturally. Yet if this doesn’t work; engaging professional bed bug exterminators would definitely be worth every penny for that uninterrupted sleep.

Woodwork Wizards

Termites like subterranean termites are silent wood-eaters turning your home into lunch without so much as an invitation. Because of termite infestations’ destructive impact, DIY methods rarely work here folks. Ongoing monitoring systems from pest control experts would ensure early detection and prevention of termites. This is before any major damage happens ensuring your home remains yours only.


How can I find a reliable pest control service near me?

Start by doing a local search online, reading reviews, and asking for recommendations from friends or neighbours. Always ensure that they use safe methods and provide guarantees.

What are some common signs that pests have invaded my home?

This could range from sighting actual destructive pests, finding droppings, chewed-up packages, damage along walls or floors, or disturbance in your plants to itchy bites.

Can DIY solutions work as well as professional pest control?

While DIY solutions can help in treating minimal infestations, a wide range of stubborn pests usually require professional pest control services. This is for effective long-term eradication.


There you have the top 10 common household pests that we often grapple with.

The good news is understanding them gives us better insight into preventing or controlling such invasions.

Yet remember, each situation is unique and while self-treatment may work at times.

Getting professionals on board would ensure peace of mind because these reigns are best left in expert hands.

Follow through with our suggested steps, and keep your homes clean and tidy.

Your home should be just yours alone and not shared space with pesky intruders.