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Treatment for Fleas

Fleas can lay up to 8 eggs after one meal, which means that a flea infestation can grow very fast.

Once this happens, pest control should be called to help remove the problem.

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How We Treat Fleas

We take a complete treatment approach to flea elimination that targets the infestation on several fronts and breaks the flea life cycle. Methods we use include:

  1. On-Pet Medications: We prescribe fast-acting and long-lasting spot-on or oral flea control products containing ingredients like fipronil, selamectin, sarolaner or fluralaner. They kill and repel fleas on pets.
  2. Insect Growth Regulators: We fog homes with insect development inhibitors containing methoprene, pyriproxyfen or fenoxycarb. They prevent flea eggs and larvae from maturing.
  3. Residual Sprays: Botanical oil-based sprays with peppermint oil, cinnamon oil, eugenol, etc. quickly knock down fleas. As well as synthetic adulticides and larvicides with active ingredients like pyrethroids.
  4. Mechanical Control: We recommend thorough and frequent vacuuming of all floors, crevices and pet bedding to remove eggs and larvae. Washing bedding in hot soapy water kills stages.
  5. Monitoring: We monitor for reoccurrence by inspecting your home and pets regularly after initial treatment. Ongoing spot treatments occur until young flea stages are fully eliminated.

Our multifaceted treatment focuses both on killing adult fleas and interrupting the flea life cycle.

Facts About Fleas

  • Life Stages: Fleas go through four life stages – egg, larval stage, pupa, and adult. Eggs and developing fleas can lie dormant for months before hatching.
  • Deadly Diseases: Fleas transmit deadly diseases like plague, typhus, bartonellosis between animals and people, causing outbreaks.
  • Skin Irritations: Flea bites lead to skin irritation, infections, and blood loss in pets and humans.
  • Dormant Fleas: Flea eggs and developing stages can stay dormant for months before hatching and reinfesting.
  • Effective Flea Control: Control requires killing fleas in all life stages by vacuuming, washing bedding, using sprays/foggers, and treating pets.
  • Flea Plague: Major infestations seem like a flea plague, with pets and people suffering dozens of daily bites.
  • Flea Spray: Sprays and foggers need to reach where pets sleep and hide to kill eggs and larvae.
  • Blood Loss: Flea bites can lead to blood loss in extreme infestations.
  • Blood Meals: Fleas require regular blood meals and will bite people and pets multiple times per day.

Why Fleas Are Considered a Pest

Fleas are a bloodsucking type of insect, which means that they can put your pet at risk for diseases. These parasites will also feed off your pet and leave itchy marks, causing them discomfort and an itch to keep scratching. Sometimes, these pests can bite humans too.

Flea Species in Perth

Typically, fleas are reddish-brown, can jump very high, and only have one-eighth of an inch in length. Since they are so small, they are very easy to miss. In Perth, you may come across the following species:

  • Cat Fleas: They are 3mm long and brownish; they prefer feeding off cats.
  • Dog Fleas: They are 4mm and appear reddish black after a meal. They can jump as high as 6 inches and prefer feeding on dogs.
  • Bird Fleas: They have a light brown colour and have around 1/32”, making them the smallest type of flea. They feed off birds such as hens.

Common Signs of a Flea Infestation

If you are dealing with a flea infestation, you will see the signs immediately. Fleas can lay eggs from the moment they feed, so if you have one flea, you will likely have more. At Pro Pest Control Perth, we can help control the infestation.

Know You Have a Flea Problem

Flea infestations can be very tricky, especially if they grow big. Here are some signs you should look out for:

  • Your pet is scratching continuously and excessively
  • Flea activity on the pet’s belly, neck, or bed
  • Small blood stains on the pet’s bedding
  • Flea eggs in the carpet or furniture
  • Flea bites and hair loss in your pet

Tips and Advice

Flea infestations can be tricky to deal with, epically once the infestation has grown. However, to prevent the pests from getting into your house, you can take the following steps:

  • Vacuum Frequently: A vacuum cleaner can help you dislodge fleas and their eggs that have created their home in your rugs and furniture. You might want to use a vacuum cleaner with high power.
  • Invest In a Steam Cleaner: Fleas cannot survive high temperatures and detergents. A steam cleaner can help you kill adult fleas, along with their eggs.
  • Wash Bedding: Wash all the beddings in your home, including your pet’s bedding, at a high temperature. Set it for high temperature in the dryer as well.
  • Mow the Lawn Regularly: Fleas like to hide in tall grass, just like ticks. Mow the lawn regularly, to get rid of all of their hiding spots.
  • Spread Cedar Chips: Fleas, like most insects, don’t like the scent of cedar. Spread it in flower beds, bushes, but also where your pet likes to sit.
  • Use Shampoo against Fleas: Flea infestations grow bigger after making a home in your pets. Flea shampoo can either kill the fleas or make it uninhabitable for them to stay in your pet.
  • Get a Flea Collar: Flea collars have pesticides that are harmless for your pet but deter the fleas. If your pet is wearing a flea collar, the fleas won’t be able to settle on your pet.
  • Use Rosemary Leaves: Fleas are naturally repelled by the scent of rosemary. Pour hot water over two cups of rosemary leaves, let it cool down and then spray it over your pet (or rinse them in it).
  • Use Diatomaceous Earth: Diatomaceous earth damages and dehydrates the exoskeleton of pretty much every insect. Sprinkle a thin layer where there’s flea activity, and vacuum after two days.
  • Make a Lemon Spray: Citrus is not only good for wasps, but also fleas. Make a lemon water spray and use it to dampen the furniture.


How Long Does It Take to Get Rid of Fleas?

It can take up to one day to treat your home and get rid of fleas. However, it is recommended to keep applying the treatment for up to a month. This will kill off remaining fleas and prevent other ones from entering your home.

Can Fleas Live Indoors Without Their Host?

Fleas can live without a host, but only for about 8 days. After that, they will either die or leave the house in an attempt to look for another host. This is why it’s recommended to temporarily relocate your pet.

Will Flea Treatment Be Toxic to My Pet?

Nowadays, flea and tick treatments were made to be as non-toxic as possible for pets. However, it is still recommended to temporarily remove your pet from the house, at least until the treatment dies. This will prevent any unwanted reactions to the flea treatment.

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